Las Vegas cannabis tourism help.

Las Vegas Cannabis tourism, what’s new?

When in Las Vegas cannabis tourism is now the norm. So now in Nevada we have marijuana tourism and boy is it off to a great start. This new found green for Nevada will hit about 1 billion in sales this year according to some analysts. las vegas cannabis tourism

Nevada had sold out of almost all of the inventory of cannabis when sales began in July 2017. They had to limit sales to customers, a same tactic Colorado used when supplies were low. Also the price increase will have a slowing affect, and as inventory increases the prices will even out and come down.

There are also many cannabis friendly hotels there in Nevada for you to choose from and we have the ever growing list for them on this link here. –

Recreational dispensaries in Nevada

Now when looking for a dispensary near me when in Nevada you have a lot of great choices. You can find flower, concentrates, oils, edibles and more. We have found a great site with the top 5 listed for you so it makes it easy to make a great choice.

Here are a few great ones.

Silver Sage Wellness – 4626 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Shango  – 4380 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
NuLeaf – 430 E Twain Ave; Las Vegas, NV 89169
Oasis – 1800 S Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Make sure to see all of the great hotels and attractions they have there for you. We have a great list here for you to check out and have the best Las Vegas vacation ever.

Las Vegas cannabis tourism is heating up . So many companies are now offering tours of commercial grow operations for you to oogle, dispensary tours to do some shopping, and edible kitchens with cooking school style classes. The top chefs are already talking about wine pairings and local beer breweries are considering offering beer tastings alongside weed samplings.

Thanks for reading about Las Vegas cannabis tourism.

Have fun and hope to see you back here soon.




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